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SLN! Weekend Update: FREE Movies

Here are links to seven great movies that you can watch for FREE this weekend at  The movies run with limited commercial interruptions. 1.  Time Bandits (1981). Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Rating=6.9/10. Dwarfs, time travel, and a hunt for elusive treasure.!watch/473111 2.  The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980). IMDb Rating=7.1/10. Coke bottle falls from sky; shenanigans ensue. […]

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2012 Receipts

A Frugal Building Block: The Humble Line Item

Classic frugality programs rely heavily on numbers. People who like numbers take to these programs like teenagers to texting. To them, budgets and ledgers and spreadsheets provide endless sources of delight. But then not everyone digs digits. If you haven’t tackled your household spending in a serious way before, maybe it’s because of the tedious […]

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SLN! Weekend Update: FREE E-Books

It’s Friday at last and the weekend beckons. Hopefully, this means that you finally have time for some fun. You can have expensive fun at malls, movie theaters, and restaurants. Or instead, you can experiment with reading, a restorative activity that infuses your weekend with hours of enjoyable entertainment—and if you do it right it costs you absolutely nothing. […]

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The Why of this Website

Frugality is a fringe lifestyle, but there are as many websites about saving money as microbrews. Some sites are mellow, some are frothy, and others have a definite bite to them. I’ve sampled dozens and to my taste they all spout good information. Many are even fun to read. So why am I rolling out […]

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We’re Under Construction

Hello! My projected D-day for this website and the book Spend Less Now! is June 6, 2013. If you’ve landed here before then, you’re a tad early, but there’s still lots to see. Feel free to look around. A few pages are already up and running for your reading enjoyment, and I’ll be adding more […]

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