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Village of Frugality, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

What’s My Frugality Salary? A Calculator that Tests the Worthiness of any Frugal Project

Note: A new version of this calculator, released in January, 2017, replaces the embedded spreadsheet that appears below with an interactive online version powered by HTML5 and Javascript. To use this new and improved version of the “What’s My Frugality Salary Calculator?,” click here. If you were asked to sum up the frugal lifestyle, you […]

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Piecharts on FIRE

yFIRECalc 1.0: The Retirement Calculator that Shows Why You Should Retire Early

Note: I updated yFIRECalc in February, 2017. To use yFIRECalc 2.0, which has been coded in HTML5 and Javascript, click here. Dozens of calculators show how to acheive an early retirement. But none I’ve seen show why you should retire early. If any such calculator existed, it certainly wouldn’t measure dollars. Dollars divulge the how of early retirement, […]

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Frugalometer: Compare Your Spending and Saving to Others Who Earn the Same Income

Note: I updated the Frugalometer in February, 2017. To use this new and improved version, which has been coded in HTML5 and Javascript, click here. What’s a reliable measure of frugality? It’s certainly not savings alone. For example, let’s say Jane Dough socked away $100,000 last year. At first blush, this might seem thrifty. But on second […]

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Better Living Through E Unum Pluribus

Crack open your piggy bank and you’ll see something interesting. Embossed on every US coin—pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars—is the phrase e pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one.” This motto describes our nation’s unity. But let’s do something flippant. Let’s imagine that we can change around these venerated words to make them read e unum pluribus or […]

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2015 Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator

Note: Greetings! You’ve reached the Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator for tax year 2015. This calculator has been updated. For tax year 2016 click here and for tax year 2017 click here. Thanks for visiting! The federal government offers a Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to qualifying taxpayers who comply with the mandate to buy health insurance. To receive […]

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5 Amazing FSBO Stories as Told by Real Life Home Sellers

Hundreds of websites discuss how to sell your home without a commission-based broker, a process known as For Sale by Owner or FSBO (pronounced “fizbo”). FSBO can deliver enormous savings. On a $400,000 property, a homeowner can avoid paying at least $12,000 in seller agent commissions and twice that amount if the buyer also forgoes a broker. Although […]

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Getting Ahead By Lagging Behind

January is the month of resolution. Perhaps this year you’ve resolved to do something about your finances. At long last, you’ve decided to take real action so that instead of falling behind each year, for once you can actually start down the road of getting ahead. If this is your resolve, congratulations are in order. […]

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