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How to Compare Your Form W-2 Wages to Others by Age (Without Being Rude)

Everyone likes to compare themselves to others—it’s basic human nature. But sizing up wages doesn’t make for polite conversation. In fact, it’s taboo. Faced with this, some people try to rank themselves indirectly, such as by trying to outspend their neighbors. This can produce great unhappiness (but at least it produces happy retailers). If you could […]

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Compare Your Charitable Giving to Other Contributors by Age and Income [2014 IRS Data]

Note: I update this post whenever the IRS releases new statistics. To see how your giving ranks under the latest available data, click here. When it comes to making gifts, US households are generous. The Giving USA Foundation estimates that in 2014 donations by individuals totaled $258.51 billion, which reflects a 7.1 percent jump from the […]

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Update: Adjusted Gross Income Ranking Calculators

Last week I reworked several posts that let you compare your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) to IRS data. Although these posts have garnered more than 13,000 reader views, they’re a tad clunky because they present AGI percentiles in five lengthy charts. Using Javascript, I’ve modernized the presentation by adding interactive calculators (but the charts are still there if […]

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Latest Calculator Updates!

I spent most of this past week in the land of Javascript. After much fiddling with code, I’ve rolled out major additions to two popular Frugal Fringe calculators. New Printable Table for Labor Cost Calculator (LCC) At this writing, the LCC is closing in on 20,000 reader views. It’s been featured on Lifehacker, Travel+Leisure, Mental […]

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Background for death and taxes

Here’s a List of Every Tax My Family Paid Last Year—What it Shows Can Save You Thousands

Governments are clever. They rarely collect taxes directly—that would draw too much attention from voters. Instead, they deputize others to do the collecting for them: employers to withhold income taxes from paychecks, stores to add sales taxes on receipts, banks to escrow property taxes from mortgage payments, and utilities to include city surcharges in monthly bills. Because […]

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