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This website isn’t about me—it’s about you. Specifically, it’s about easing your transition from mainstream consumer to frugal fringer.

That said, here’s the obligatory biography.

My wife and I worked at good jobs for many years, but we never bought into the high-end lifestyle that ensnares so many who earn above-average wages. By habit, we lived well below our means and spent much less than what we made. Typically, we saved 20 to 55 percent of our gross income each year. Thanks to the passage of time, the growth of investments, and above all the Power of Frugality, I retired at age 48 and Mrs. Moose at age 46. We live in Colorado. We enjoy our lives and although we sometimes disagree, we never seem to disagree about money.

As you may have guessed, A. Noonan Moose is a pen name. I like it for many reasons, but especially because it sounds so much like the word “anonymous.” That’s how I prefer to blog. With so many personalities occupying the field of frugality advice, it’s crowded enough already without trotting in somebody else—and an oversized antlered one at that. Besides, I figure that the more I stay deep in the woods, the more you and other users of this site can take your rightful places at center stage.


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