Conclusion: One Last Checklist

SLN! has covered household spending in pointillistic detail (with checkboxes instead of brushstrokes). But it hasn’t lingered much on the big picture. Here, then, is one last checklist. Short enough to post at your desk, it gives a final overview of the frugal landscape. May you find it useful as you practice the habit of living well below your means by spending less.


   Live in a Smaller Home
And your costs of living will be smaller as well.

   Buy Used
Most secondhand items perform every bit as well as their shiny new counterparts. The only real difference is the price you pay.

   Avoid Debt
Never borrow except to buy houses, educations, and only if you must, cars.

   Learn to Cook
And save what others blow at restaurants.

   Recreate Affordably
Play an instrument, read, hike. Favor activities that involve less travel and equipment.

   Practice Group Buynamics
Socialize as you save. Join food co-ops, share tools, combine forces with others to buy in volume.

   If You Can Get Away With it, Marry Once
This means no alimony, less acrimony (hopefully), and fewer resources devoted to separate residences. Nothing kills nest eggs like breaking up nests.

   Defend Your Health
Your stress level improves if you don’t work 70 hours a week for a lifestyle the mainstream culture claims you need and deserve. Exercise, sleep well, and eat right. This costs next to nothing and sidesteps many medical bills.

   Practice Generosity
Easy to do when your expenses are so low. Feels good too.

   Know This: More Stuff  More Happiness
No way, no how, and no matter what many around you seem to think.

   Keep Using the Checklists

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