When Lilacs Fast by the Sidewalk Bloom’d

Springtime in Colorado. Each breeze carries a fragrance. Apples, cherries, crabapples, Hawthorns, pears, serviceberries, and—best of all—lilacs. In our neighborhood, lilac bushes border sidewalks. The best ones spill over hedges and picket fences to meet you right at nose level. Everyone lingers: perambulators, dog walkers, spandex-clad bikers, and amazingly even teenagers on skateboards. They all […]

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10 Great Reasons to Buy Used

It’s funny how attitudes change over time. I once thought that I was above shopping at thrift stores. Under my juvenile logic, such places were for those who needed charity. People with jobs went to retail stores. But as years passed I changed my mind. Nowadays, I never shop for anything without first considering whether […]

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Frugal Move: College Town Hand Me Downs

Graduation day means many things to many people. For parents, it’s freedom from tuition bills. For professors, it’s time away from the classroom to pursue research and writing. For graduates, it’s an entry into the real world of grownups or the less-than-real world of grad school. For savvy locals, it’s a chance to score some […]

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Oatmeal, Floss, and Other BOGO Virtues

Oatmeal epitomizes virtue. One serving each morning helps lower total cholesterol, including the nasty LDL cholesterol that can clog arteries. As Wilford Brimley once said “it’s the right thing to do.” But Brimley ignored a major downside: oatmeal not only sticks to your ribs, it sticks to your teeth. A toothpick can’t get rid of […]

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Save $389,000 with 4 Key Housing Decisions

For most people, the biggest expense is housing. And the bigger the house, the bigger the payments for mortgage interest, taxes, insurance, repairs, and utilities. Depending on your home’s operating costs, you feel either joy or pain each month. I’m here to help you feel joy. How? By helping you get used to the idea […]

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Better than Free: How Obamacare Enriches Me

If you don’t consider taxes when planning your annual finances, you likely donate money to the federal government. As a fellow taxpayer, I extend my heartfelt thanks. It’s because of magnanimous citizens like you that the federal debt has been limited to a mere $17.5 Trillion. Without your largesse, we’d all be living in a deeper […]

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