Frugalometer 2017: Compare Your Spending and Saving to Others Who Earn the Same Income

The original Frugalometer was a spreadsheet embedded into one of my blog posts from 2015. Since then, I’ve learned more about HTML5 and Javascript, so it’s time to upgrade this calculator into an online experience. Introduction to the Frugalometer What’s a reliable measure of frugality? It’s certainly not savings alone. If you saved $100,000 last […]

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Village of Frugality, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

What’s My Frugality Salary? (WMFS 2.0): Calculate the Worthiness of any Frugal Project

The original What’s My Frugality Salary calculator (WMFS) was released in 2015 as a spreadsheet embedded into one of my blog posts. Since then, I’ve learned more about coding, so it’s time for WMFS 2.0. This update replaces the spreadsheet format with an interactive online calculator that’s powered by HTML5 and Javascript. Introduction to WMFS […]

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Use Federal Reserve Survey Questions to Test Your Household’s Economic Well Being

The United States consists of about 125 million separate households, each one with its own unique set of financial circumstances. Some households work like economic pressure cookers; they’re overheated by delinquent loan payments, unpaid credit card balances, overdue bills, unbudgeted emergencies, nonexistent savings, and the like. Some households run much cooler, and work more like soft serve ice cream […]

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Frugality’s Secret Gateway Drug

I’m a pusher. With this blog, I stand on a virtual street corner to sell a beguiling stimulant known as “frugality.” Frugality isn’t something you inject or inhale. Instead, frugality is something that works best when you swallow it whole—like a big pill. And unlike the pill named “ecstasy,” frugality delivers the genuine article: a […]

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

To help get you in the Christmas spirit, I’m republishing this 2014 article about a totally digital present my eight-year old sister gave me. Happy Holidays! The best Christmas gift I ever received was homemade. It came from an eight year old—my youngest sister. She gave it to me on December 25, 1982 and it’s […]

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