Best Cyber Monday Deal Ever: Give Someone $1,600+ in Savings for Only $7.74!

This holiday season, consider a gift of frugality: a low-flow, low-cost showerhead that delivers a steady stream of water while yielding multiple streams of savings. An excellent model is the Niagara Conservation Earth® Showerhead Model No. N2915CH, which currently sells for $7.74 and features a ten-year warranty. See the Amazon listing here.

I received one of these powerful showerheads several years ago as a FREE gift from my local utility company (see photo above). I can attest that the 1.5 gallon per minute (GPM) nozzle delivers water with every bit as much force as the 3.0 GPM showerhead that it replaced.

How much will your gift recipient save through this very cheap yet very valuable present? The answer depends upon several variables unique to each shower setup: the source of the water (well or city system), the fuel for the water heater (electricity or gas), the rates that apply for water usage, the rates that apply for water heating, the relative flow rates of the old and new nozzles, and the number of minutes per day that the shower gets used. A terrific calculator that crunches all of these variables and reports the bottom line savings appears here.

Here’s an example of how much your gift can deliver into the pockets of someone you care about. If a 1.5GPM showerhead replaces a 3.0 GPM model in a household that gets its water from the city at $4.00 per 1,000 gallons, buys electricity for an electric water heater at $0.13 per kilowatt hour, and uses the shower for 18 minutes per day (three people who shower for six minutes each), your ingenious gift will produce savings of $1,632 over the next ten years, which is the expected lifespan of a typical low-flow showerhead. (In this example, note that there are two separate “streams” of savings: first, less water is purchased for showers; and second, less electricity is purchased for the water heater.)

And since it’s easy to lead a horse to water, but very difficult to make it take a shower, you can make the savings begin immediately if you volunteer to install the nozzle yourself. The process is as easy as pumpkin pie and is explained in full by the instructive video that appears here. Happy holidays!


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