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How to Sleep Soundly While Stock Markets Crash: the Wasting Asset Retirement Model

Retirement advisors must hate me. They call regularly, but they’re never hired. Why not? Ever since I retired in 2008, I’ve been executing my own plan for the future. I don’t need to hire experts because my approach is so simple, so boring, and so reliable that I can easily handle everything myself. Best of all, my retirement plan […]

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Ten Amazing Tax Breaks that Await Your Early Retirement [2015 Edition]

Note: I update this post each year. For the 2016 version, click here. If you’re on a path to retire early, it makes sense to acquaint yourself with some wondrous tax savings. When you’re approaching retirement, these savings deliver motivation to stay the course (there’s a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end). When you’re already retired, these savings point to lucrative […]

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yFIRECalc 1.0: The Retirement Calculator that Shows Why You Should Retire Early

Note: I updated yFIRECalc in February, 2017. To use yFIRECalc 2.0, which has been coded in HTML5 and Javascript, click here. Dozens of calculators show how to acheive an early retirement. But none I’ve seen show why you should retire early. If any such calculator existed, it certainly wouldn’t measure dollars. Dollars divulge the how of early retirement, […]

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