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How to Compare Your Income to Others (Without Being Rude) [Using 2013 Census Data]

Note: The US Census Bureau recently released its income survey data for 2016 (this article is based on Census data from 2013). To see where you rank under the latest survey, visit the updated version of this article by clicking here. Everyone likes to compare themselves to others—it’s basic human nature. But comparing your income […]

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Compare Your Adjusted Gross Income to Others by Age and Filing Status [Using 2011 IRS Data]

Note: this post is based on 2011 IRS data and has been updated several times. To read the post reporting the 2012 data click here, for the 2013 data click here, and for the 2014 data click here. Everyone compares themselves to others—it’s basic human nature. But sizing up paychecks isn’t polite conversation. In fact, it’s taboo. […]

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