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Background for death and taxes

Here’s a List of Every Tax My Family Paid Last Year—What it Shows Can Save You Thousands

Governments are clever. They rarely collect taxes directly—that would draw too much attention from voters. Instead, they deputize others to do the collecting for them: employers to withhold income taxes from paychecks, stores to add sales taxes on receipts, banks to escrow property taxes from mortgage payments, and utilities to include city surcharges in monthly bills. Because […]

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Ten Amazing Tax Breaks that Await Your Early Retirement [2015 Edition]

Note: I update this post each year. For the 2016 version, click here. If you’re on a path to retire early, it makes sense to acquaint yourself with some wondrous tax savings. When you’re approaching retirement, these savings deliver motivation to stay the course (there’s a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end). When you’re already retired, these savings point to lucrative […]

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2015 Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator

Note: Greetings! You’ve reached the Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator for tax year 2015. This calculator has been updated. For tax year 2016 click here and for tax year 2017 click here. Thanks for visiting! The federal government offers a Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to qualifying taxpayers who comply with the mandate to buy health insurance. To receive […]

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