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Send Your White Elephants Pachyderming

In modern usage, the term “white elephant” refers to a possession—often rare or valuable—which imposes massive financial burdens upon its hapless owner. The phrase has ancient origins. In eastern Asia, rare albino elephants were kept by monarchs as symbols of prestige and power. The animals were considered sacred and therefore exempt from work. To receive […]

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Save $389,000 with 4 Key Housing Decisions

For most people, the biggest expense is housing. And the bigger the house, the bigger the payments for mortgage interest, taxes, insurance, repairs, and utilities. Depending on your home’s operating costs, you feel either joy or pain each month. I’m here to help you feel joy. How? By helping you get used to the idea […]

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Better than Free: How Obamacare Enriches Me

If you don’t consider taxes when planning your annual finances, you likely donate money to the federal government. As a fellow taxpayer, I extend my heartfelt thanks. It’s because of magnanimous citizens like you that the federal debt has been limited to a mere $17.5 Trillion. Without your largesse, we’d all be living in a deeper […]

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Why Spend an Hour Per Week on Frugality?

“Nothing comes from nothing and nothing ever could.” So warbles Maria in The Sound of Music. Captain Von Trapp agrees with her and they strike a deal on matrimony. I too believe that nothing comes from nothing. But when I explain to newcomers that a solid program of frugality takes about an hour per week, I usually don’t gain […]

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Frugal Move: Mind the Marginalia

In 2012, I fired my local Target store. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target. I worked there one summer collecting abandoned carts and sweeping aisles. I liked the job and met lots of nice people. For years, I was a loyal customer. My problem with the local Target has nothing to do with the […]

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