RV Ownership vs. Car+Hotels Calculator: the Numbers RV Dealers Don’t Discuss

Shopping for a new or used Recreational Vehicle? RVs have many hidden expenses, including depreciation, financing, ownership taxes, insurance, offseason storage, tires, campground charges, and repairs. Before you write a big check, do yourself a favor and run the numbers. This calculator lets you compare the costs of vacations in your own RV versus vacations […]

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Frugality’s Secret Gateway Drug

Note: this updates a 2016 post to include the latest data from 2017-2018. Enjoy! I’m a pusher. With this blog, I stand on a virtual street corner to sell a beguiling stimulant known as “frugality.” Frugality isn’t something you inject or inhale. Instead, frugality is something that works best when you swallow it whole—like a […]

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Poor Tax Pic

Post-FIRE Taxes: How We’ve Saved $165,000 Since the Start of Obamacare

Under the tax code, those who FIRE are strange creatures. At surprisingly young ages, they attain high net worths. And because they retire early, which is also unexpected, they tend to report low taxable incomes. This unusual combination of High Net Worth and Low Taxable Income (HNW-LTI) seems to have won the taxman’s favor—or at least […]

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The 10 Biggest FIRE Events of 2018, Ranked

In 2018, the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement seemingly came of age. As we enter 2019, let’s take stock of the past year’s highlights. 10. Accountants and Advisors Seek FIRE-Based Revenues You know a financial trend is significant when it lights up the eyes of finance professionals with huge dollar signs. Consider these articles. […]

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How to Slash Your Trash Bill

If you’ve cut the cord with the cable company, maybe it’s time to can the container with your trash service. Consider signing up for a pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) program, which in some places is also known as Unit-Based Pricing, Variable Rate Pricing, User Pay, or SMART (Save Money and Reduce Trash). Most consumers pay for trash […]

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Worthometer Canada: Compare Your Net Worth to Other Households [2016 Final Data]

The largest recurring study of Canadian net worth, the Survey of Financial Security (SFS), is conducted by Statistics Canada, an agency of the federal government. The SFS for 2016 involved interviews of 21,000+ households about a wide range of financial matters, including their net worths. If you live in Canada, the SFS presents the best […]

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Work or Attend College? Before Deciding, Compare the Lifetime Returns on 4 Years of Tuition vs. 4 Years of Roth Deposits

Each year, graduating high school seniors and their parents face a momentous decision: should the young person attend college or go to work instead? Often, this decision hinges on financial forecasts—especially the expectation that college graduates usually earn higher lifetime incomes than less-educated workers. Enticed by the prospect of larger salaries, students and parents shell […]

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2019 Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator

In 2019, the federal government will once again offer a Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to qualifying taxpayers who buy health coverage from an approved health insurance exchange. To receive a PTC you must split the uprights between making too little and too much income. If you make too little, you drop out of Obamacare and into Medicaid. […]

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