Worthometer Australia: Compare Your Wealth to Other Households [2015-16 Data]

The largest recurring study of net worth for households located in Australia, the Survey of Income and Housing (SIH), is conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The latest version of the SIH, which was released in 2017, involved interviews of 17,768 households about their assets and liabilities. These interviews were taken over a […]

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Worthometer Great Britain: Compare Your Wealth to Other Households [2014-16 Data]

The largest recurring study of net worth for British households, the Wealth and Assets Survey (WAS), is conducted by the government’s Office for National Statistics. The latest version of WAS, which was released in early 2018, involved interviews of 18,000+ households dating from July 2014 through June 2016. If you live in Great Britain, WAS […]

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FIREfad graph

Introducing FIREfad Index: a Data-Driven Barometer of FIRE’s Growing Popularity

After months of preparation, I’m rolling out the FIREfad Index, a new metric that gauges the growing public interest in FIRE (a/k/a “Financial Independence, Retire Early”). The Need for FIREfad I created FIREfad for several reasons. First, like many others, I hope to see FIRE spread deeper into the mainstream culture. FIREfad provides an objective […]

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2012 Receipts

Calculator: Compare Your Local Sales Taxes to Major US Cities [2017 Data]

Sales taxes aren’t complex. Governments impose them by requiring sellers to collect from buyers a specified percentage of merchandise sales. Depending upon where you shop, your purchase can trigger sales taxes from multiple sources—the state, the county, the city, and possibly even from special districts that fund public extras such as stadiums or museums. The […]

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Compare Your Student Loan Debt to National Studies [Using 2017 Federal Reserve Data]

If student debt is part of your life, you should consider how you stack up against other borrowers. It’s one thing to know that you’ll owe $75,000 by the time you finish your veterinary degree. It’s quite another thing to realize that this amount will place you in the 90th percentile of all student loan debtors nationwide. […]

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Poor Tax Pic

How We’ve Saved $142,000 in Taxes Since the Beginning of Obamacare

Under the tax code, those who FIRE are strange creatures. At surprisingly young ages, they attain high net worths. And because they retire early, which is also unexpected, they tend to report low taxable incomes. This unusual combination of High Net Worth and Low Taxable Income (HNW-LTI) seems to have won the taxman’s favor—or at least […]

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kWh-Frugalometer 2018: Compare your Electricity Costs to Others who Earn the Same Income

The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts the annual Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX), which asks citizens about their income, taxes, household expenses, and savings. One expense the CEX measures is household spending on electricity. In recent years, spending on this item has been stable: Average US Household Spending on Electricity: 2013-2016 (latest available data) 2013 2014 […]

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