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Ten Amazing Tax Breaks that Await Your Early Retirement [2015 Edition]

Note: I update this post each year. For the 2016 version, click here. If you’re on a path to retire early, it makes sense to acquaint yourself with some wondrous tax savings. When you’re approaching retirement, these savings deliver motivation to stay the course (there’s a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end). When you’re already retired, these savings point to lucrative […]

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2016 Obamacare Premium Tax Credit Calculator

Note: I’ve updated this calculator so that it runs directly on your browser (instead of on an embedded spreadsheet). To use this new and improved version, click here. In 2016 the federal government will once again offer a Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to qualifying taxpayers who buy their own health insurance from an approved health […]

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The Worthometer has been Updated to Include 2013 PSID Data!

Breaking news: this site’s popular Worthometer has been updated to replace older data from the 2011 Panel Study of Income Dynamics (2011 PSID) with the newer results from the 2013 survey. As you may know, the Worthometer is the web’s only net worth percentile gauge that incorporates, reconciles, interpolates, and averages all three major surveys of household […]

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Compare Your Adjusted Gross Income to Others by Age and Filing Status [Using 2013 IRS Data]

Note: this post is based on 2013 IRS data. To read an updated post based on 2014 IRS data, click here. Everyone compares themselves to others—it’s basic human nature. But sizing up paychecks isn’t polite conversation. In fact, it’s taboo. Faced with this, some people try to rank themselves indirectly, such as by outspending their neighbors. […]

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Website Updates and Snapping Turtles

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s post reports some recent updates to this site that I hope you’ll find interesting. First, I’ve installed a FREE online version of my book Spend Less Now! — A Checklist Program for the Decidedly Unfrugal. You can access the table of contents page by clicking the “50+ Checklists!” tile that appears in the navagation […]

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Worthometer Canada: Compare Your Net Worth to Others (Without Being Rude)

Note: I update this post whenever the Canadian government releases new survey data. To see where your household ranks under the latest survey from year-end 2016 (the post below uses older data from 2012), click here. Everyone compares themselves to others—it’s basic human nature. But sizing up net worths isn’t polite conversation. In fact, it’s taboo. […]

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