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Village of Frugality, Cambria County, Pennsylvania

What’s My Frugality Salary? A Calculator that Tests the Worthiness of any Frugal Project

Note: A new version of this calculator, released in January, 2017, replaces the embedded spreadsheet that appears below with an interactive online version powered by HTML5 and Javascript. To use this new and improved version of the “What’s My Frugality Salary Calculator?,” click here. If you were asked to sum up the frugal lifestyle, you […]

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Introducing the Amazing Worthometer!

Last month, I posted “How to Compare Your Net Worth to Others (Without Being Rude).” The article discusses national surveys that tabulate household net worth into neat columns of percentiles. Thanks to these various surveys, you can see how you stack up against others as you pursue your financial goals. The “How to Compare” article […]

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Frugal Tools: Mini Spoonulas

When you adopt the habit of frugality, you declare war on all kinds of household waste. A successful campaign requires the deployment of specialized weapons—lots of them, in fact. In today’s post, we examine the ever so humble Mini Spoonula: a small-time utensil that combats waste on a big-time basis. So here’s the scoop. Mini Spoonulas […]

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Best Cyber Monday Deal Ever: Give Someone $1,600+ in Savings for Only $7.74!

This holiday season, consider a gift of frugality: a low-flow, low-cost showerhead that delivers a steady stream of water while yielding multiple streams of savings. An excellent model is the Niagara Conservation Earth® Showerhead Model No. N2915CH, which currently sells for $7.74 and features a ten-year warranty. See the Amazon listing here. I received one […]

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microfiber towels

Frugal Tools: Microfiber Towels

Frugal fringers aren’t complete anti-materialists. They simply insist that if a material thing takes up space in their lives, it needs to carry its weight by delivering good value. In this post, I advocate that you open the doors of your home to some microfiber towels. The Basic Advantages. Here’s a short list: Reuseable. Unlike paper […]

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