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Better Living Through E Unum Pluribus

Crack open your piggy bank and you’ll see something interesting. Embossed on every US coin—pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars—is the phrase e pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one.” This motto describes our nation’s unity. But let’s do something flippant. Let’s imagine that we can change around these venerated words to make them read e unum pluribus or […]

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Getting Ahead By Lagging Behind

January is the month of resolution. Perhaps this year you’ve resolved to do something about your finances. At long last, you’ve decided to take real action so that instead of falling behind each year, for once you can actually start down the road of getting ahead. If this is your resolve, congratulations are in order. […]

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10 Ways the Financially Independent Spend Less than Wage Slaves

Common wisdom holds that the Financially Independent (FI) outspend typical wage slaves. But the FI benefit from powerful paradoxes. Because they’ve nurtured small nest eggs into big nest eggs, they actually spend less on many expenses than those who live paycheck-to-paycheck. Let’s compare the spending of the FI to that of the indebted; or to […]

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A Saver’s Guide to Instant Gratification

Mainstream consumers think that saving is all about delayed gratification. Nest eggs are inert funds that exist solely for future use. Until savers actually spend their money, they receive nothing of current value. But there’s a hidden intangible that regular savers get to enjoy every day. It basically boils down to a sense of steadily […]

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What Makes Personal Finance So Personal

Imagine this. Located deep within your brain is a personal finance control room. This doesn’t make you unique. Everyone possesses a control room that’s more or less similar to yours. It’s the central hub from which all adults—including you—calibrate their annual household spending. The typical control panel consists of 60 to 75 or so separate […]

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Send Your White Elephants Pachyderming

In modern usage, the term “white elephant” refers to a possession—often rare or valuable—which imposes massive financial burdens upon its hapless owner. The phrase has ancient origins. In eastern Asia, rare albino elephants were kept by monarchs as symbols of prestige and power. The animals were considered sacred and therefore exempt from work. To receive […]

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10 Great Reasons to Buy Used

It’s funny how attitudes change over time. I once thought that I was above shopping at thrift stores. Under my juvenile logic, such places were for those who needed charity. People with jobs went to retail stores. But as years passed I changed my mind. Nowadays, I never shop for anything without first considering whether […]

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