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A Solid Case for DIY Covers

Whenever you buy anything that’s worth much, inevitably someone tries to sell you a cover. “Your expensive new purchase,” they say, “needs solid protection.” I concede the point, but cases can be costly. Recently, I went online and dropped $100 on a new table tennis paddle. Like many case-worthy products, it’s a fragile thing that must […]

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Website Updates and Snapping Turtles

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s post reports some recent updates to this site that I hope you’ll find interesting. First, I’ve installed a FREE online version of my book Spend Less Now! — A Checklist Program for the Decidedly Unfrugal. You can access the table of contents page by clicking the “50+ Checklists!” tile that appears in the navagation […]

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When Lilacs Fast by the Sidewalk Bloom’d

Springtime in Colorado. Each breeze carries a fragrance. Apples, cherries, crabapples, Hawthorns, pears, serviceberries, and—best of all—lilacs. In our neighborhood, lilac bushes border sidewalks. The best ones spill over hedges and picket fences to meet you right at nose level. Everyone lingers: perambulators, dog walkers, spandex-clad bikers, and amazingly even teenagers on skateboards. They all […]

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