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I don’t wear eyeglasses very often because I’m usually in contact lenses. In fact, the last time I bought glasses was in 2007 at Lenscrafters. With a $50 coupon, I paid $240. Although that’s not a great price, the glasses served me well. With the passage of seven years, however, the lenses had become scratched and my prescription had changed. It was time for a replacement.

I decided to try, which is based in the United States. Some online vendors cost less, but they’re located offshore so in the event of a dispute it’s probably hard to get satisfaction. Moreover, Mrs. Moose’s cousin said that the glasses he bought online from China had very flimsy frames.

Here’s a chronology of what happened with my order.

I locate various coupon codes online. I pick an older one for $20 Off that has a 70% success rating. As a backup, I write down another for 15% off (this one is newer).

I visit the website. I look for frames that match the size of my existing eyeglasses. Some of the necessary sizes are stenciled onto my old pair’s nose bridge and temples, but others I have to measure using a metric ruler. The website provides clear instructions about making measurements. I then locate several frame styles that closely match my existing pair. I pick the Boston style because the measurements are almost spot on and the frame boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from customer reviewers (besides, I’m a Red Sox fan).

I enter my latest eye prescription as provided by my Costco “shoptometrist.”

Now I’m ready to place my order. The Boston frames cost $39, the anti-reflective coating costs $24.95, and shipping via US Postal Service costs $4.95, for a total of $68.90. The online order form contains no dedicated line upon which to enter coupon codes so I write a quick note about my $20 off coupon code—WWMAG—in the comments box. I press enter. The resulting receipt shows I owe the full $68.90. Apparently, the coupon code doesn’t seem to have worked. Since I’m more than a little confused about this, I fire off an email to customer service. There’s no immediate response, but it’s Sunday evening, so it’s no big deal.

The bill for the eyeglasses hits my MasterCard as a charge of $68.90. There’s still no response to my email about the $20 off coupon code.

There’s still no response to my email so I call customer service. I talk to a live person located in the US. She tells me my $20 off code has expired. I ask if she will accept the 15% off code even though I’ve already placed the order. She says she will and that the resulting credit should show up on my MasterCard statement within a few days.

I receive an email saying that my order has shipped. I’m given a tracking code.

As promised by customer service, a $9.60 credit shows up on my MasterCard account online. So my final net cost for the glasses is $59.30.

The glasses arrive via US Mail in a bubble wrap envelope. They’re packed within a hardshell case inside a microcloth bag. As a bonus, I receive a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and eyeglass screwdriver (I like extras).

Here’s a picture of my old (bottom) and new glasses (top).


As you can see, the two pairs look very similar. I’d say that the old frame is slightly better quality, particularly when it comes to the nose pads which seem sturdier and better suited for the long haul. On the other hand, I’ve used the new frames for two months now and so far nothing has broken. They seem to be holding up.

Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase. My first coupon code didn’t work, but I knew there was a chance of that because it had only a 70% success rating. I was dissatisfied with the lack of response to my email, but very satisfied with the results of my conversation with the customer service representative. The order shipped fast, considering that I had placed it on a Sunday evening.

The best thing about this transaction, of course, was the price. My last pair of glasses cost $240 and this almost identical pair cost only $59.30—a BIG savings of 75%. Based on my experience, I think it’s worth giving a try, as in “I don’t always wear eyeglasses, but when I do, I prefer”

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Some Tips if You Order:

1. Always search in advance for coupon codes. If you like on Facebook, you get access to special coupons and offers.

2. Measure your favorite old pair of glasses and look for a similar style.

3. If you contact customer service, use the telephone. I never received a response to my email inquiry.

4. Keep your receipt. Eyeglass costs are deductible provided that your overall medical costs for the year exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income (or 7.5% if you’re over age 65).

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  1. Will July 21, 2014 at 10:31 AM #

    Do you know what Costco would charge in 2014 for about the same pair?
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  2. Jack /slater January 13, 2016 at 7:34 PM #

    Thank you for your informative review I have included in my recommended list of online eyeglasses retailers at (

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