Yard Sale Sign

SLN! Weekend Update: Adventures in Yard Sales

June is here. School is out. Most importantly, garage sale season is in full swing. Visit a few this weekend and save.

Here’s a list of resources to help locate the sales near you.

1.  Neighborhood Watch. As you drive around on Friday, look for handmade signs at the usual intersections.

2.  Local Newspaper Websites. Sometimes listed under “yard sales,” sometimes under “garage sales.”

3.  Your Local Craigslist. Under the “for sale” category, look for “garage sales.” Visit Craigslist.org.

4.  National Listing Services. Various sites list sales located within or near your zip code. Visit GarageSaleFinder.com, GarageSalesTracker.com, YardSales.com, YardSaleTreasureMap.com.

5.  Estate Sales. Usually, these feature a much wider selection than the typical garage sale. Everything must go because everyone must go. Visit EstateSales.org.


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