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SLN! Weekend Update: Shop Secondhand and Save

This weekend, consider a change of pace. Replace your usual trip to the mall or discount store with a trip to a secondhand shop. You’ll still get out of the house. You’ll still get to browse aisles upon aisles of merchandise. And if you actually buy anything, you’ll get it for far less than you would have paid at Walmart or Target.

Here’s a handy list of major resell chains. If none are located near you, consult your local yellow pages. Look under the heading “Thrift Stores.” Happy shopping!

Major Thrift Store Chains:

1.  Goodwill Industries. The biggest national network of secondhand stores. Locations nationwide: 2,700+. There’s probably a store somewhere near you, so visit

2.  Salvation Army Family Stores. Also huge. Locations nationwide: 1,500+. To find a nearby outpost, visit

3.  Savers and Value Village Stores. According to its website, this for profit chain operates “nearly 300 stores across the United States, Canada and Australia.” For locations, visit

4.  ARC Stores. This nonprofit operates 21 stores on Colorado’s front range. Visit

5.  Volunteers of America. Locations nationwide: unknown. Visit

Major Secondhand Specialty Shops:

1.  Habitat for Humanity Restores. This nonprofit sells used and surplus building materials. Locations nationwide: 776 and growing fast. To find a Restore near you, visit

2.  Plato’s Closet.  These for profit stores buy and sell gently used fashions for teens and twenty-somethings (both male and female). Locations nationwide: 354. Visit

3.  Play It Again Sports. For profit. Buys and sells used sporting goods. Locations nationwide: 315. Visit

4.  Once Upon a Child. For profit. Buys and sells gently used gently used children’s clothes, toys, and baby equipment. Locations nationwide: 266. Visit .

5.  Music Go Round. For profit. Buys and sells used musical instruments and equipment. Locations nationwide: 33. Visit

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