New Year’s Special: Spend Less Now on Spend Less Now!

January. A time for resolution. Which symptom of modern excess will you address this year: your physical waist or your fiscal waste?

If your resolutions run in the fiscal direction, consider setting a more frugal course by buying my new tome: Spend Less Now!—A Checklist Program for the Decidedly Unfrugal. SLN! makes it easier than ever for anyone to acquire the habit of frugality. You make a single resolution: anytime you’re about to pay for anything, you commit to work through a checklist specially tailored to the expense at hand. Stick with this one-step program, and by year’s end you’ll have slashed 20 percent or more from your household expenses. That’s thousands of dollars in spending that you won’t even miss because it all came from the hidden waste and excess that infests just about any modern household.

In celebration of the New Year, I’m rolling out two new special offers for checklisters everywhere.

1.  Special Kindle Pricing. During the month of January, I’ve slashed the Kindle e-book price from $4.99 to the low, low price of $0.99. (I wanted to offer a FREE set of steak knives as well, but I wasn’t able to swing it with Amazon.) If you don’t happen to own a Kindle e-reader, don’t worry. You can still access Kindle formatted e-books on many other devices—including smartphones, computers, and tablets. To download a FREE Kindle Reader App, click here.

2.  Free Kindle Copy With Paperback Purchase. Starting today, anyone who buys the SLN! paperback (or who has bought it in the past) can also download a copy of the Kindle formatted version for FREE. By owning both formats, you can access checklists whenever you’re away from home and roaming the vast commercial wasteland of shopping malls, restaurants, and box stores. To learn more about this terrific new offer, visit the detail page for SLN! and click the “Kindle MatchBook” icon.

If despite these amazing offers you’re still not ready to risk the massive sum of $0.99, don’t leave this page before you at least sample some of SLN!’s great prose. You can read the introductory chapters for FREE—and you can’t get more frugal than FREE—so click here.

May your 2014 be frugal and prosperous!


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