The Why of this Website

Frugality is a fringe lifestyle, but there are as many websites about saving money as microbrews. Some sites are mellow, some are frothy, and others have a definite bite to them. I’ve sampled dozens and to my taste they all spout good information. Many are even fun to read. So why am I rolling out FrugalFringe.com?

I believe in the power of frugality. I’m evangelical about it. I also believe that the best way to convince more mainstream consumers to join the frugal fringe is to make frugality more convenient and easy to use. With this in mind, I’ve brewed up a program that’s consumer friendly and delivers fast results.

This new program has two parts, so in beer terms it’s like a half and half (see above photo). The first part: a book that describes the program’s basics and acts as a standalone field guide to consumer spending. The second part: a website that builds upon the basics and provides a place for users to grow their skills, support each other, and stay motivated. You’re at the website now.

As for the book, it’s entitled Spend Less ☑ Now!: A Checklist Program for the Decidedly Unfrugal. I’ve worked on it for several years and mellow or frothy, terrific or terrible, it’s ready at last for real world readers. I call it SLN! for short. Here’s my “elevator speech” about how SLN! works:

We’re all creatures of habit—especially when we spend. But here’s the deal. Many common spending habits are decidedly unfrugal. Every year they drain your household coffers and leave you with less money. SLN! jars you out of these expensive ruts fast. Whenever you’re about to pay for anything—a product, service, or monthly bill—you review a checklist tailored to that specific expense and loaded with tightfisted tactics. Within weeks, frugal routines replace old habits. And in the process, you save thousands.

Now that you’ve ridden the elevator, here’s how SLN! differs from the classic approaches to frugality:

☑ It doesn’t require you to create budgets (but you can create them if you want).

☑ It doesn’t require you to track every single dollar you make and spend (but you can keep track if you want).

☑ It doesn’t require you to memorize endless moneysaving tips (in fact, it doesn’t require you to remember much of anything).

☑ It doesn’t require you to starve yourself with “frugal fasts” (the fiscal equivalent of crash diets in which you stop all spending for a day, a week, or even a month).

☑ It doesn’t require you to sit through a bunch of dull lectures or fiery sermons (instead, it lets you convert to frugality by doing frugality).

☑ It doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge of personal finance principles (it starts at the very beginning, which is the very best place to start—as Julie Andrews has noted).

☑ Best of all, it doesn’t require nearly as much time, effort, and obsession as the classic approaches to frugality (and I say this having worked through the classics myself).

Want to learn more?

To sip your free sample of SLN! , please click here.

Frugally Yours,

A Noonan Moose

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