50+ Checklists!

This page provides an online version of my book Spend Less Now! — A Checklist Program for the Decidedly Unfrugal (SLN!, for short).

Here’s my elevator speech about how it all works:

Like everyone else on the planet, you’re a creature of habit—especially when you spend.

But many spending habits are decidedly unfrugal. Unless disrupted, they can undermine finances for decades to come (often without spenders noticing anything amiss).

SLN! disrupts unfrugal spending with a handy toolbox of well-designed checklists.

Whenever you’re about to pay for anything—products, services, or monthly bills—you review a checklist tailored to that specific expense. This simple change to your spending routine nudges you out of ingrained habits and into newfound savings. Your nest egg swells not because you’re working harder, but because the checklists are helping you to spend smarter than ever.

Feel free to read SLN! from start to finish or browse whichever checklists interest you the most. Visit often. And if you know any great savings tips that I’ve missed, please leave a comment (a form for your remarks appears at the end of each chapter).



Introduction: the Spend Less Now! Checklists

How to Use the Spend Less Now! Checklists


1  Products Part 1: Don’t Buy Anything

2  Products Part 2: Buy Something Else

3  Products Part 3: Research the Item

4  Products Part 4: Find Low Prices

5  Products Part 5: Pick a Low Price Seller

6  Products Part 6: Avoid Pitfalls

7  Products Part 7: Follow Up


8  Miscellaneous Services

9  Recreation: General Recreation

10  Recreation: Health Clubs

11  Recreation: Pets

12  Recreation: Books and Magazines

13  Recreation: Dining Out

14  Recreation: Drinks Out

15  Travel: Airfares

16  Travel: Lodging

17  Travel: Rental Cars

18  Travel: Road Food

19  Charitable Giving

20.1  Governmental:  Sales Taxes

20.2 Governmental: Income Taxes

20.3 Governmental: Real Estate Taxes

21  Governmental: Postage

22  Utilities: Home Energy

23  Utilities: Water

24  Utilities: Trash Collection

25  Telecom: Pay Television

26  Telecom: Landlines

27  Telecom: Cell Phones

28  Telecom: Internet

29  Insurance: Homeowners

30  Insurance: Autos

31  Insurance: Term Life

32  Healthcare: Health Insurance

33  Healthcare: Prescriptions

34  Healthcare: Medical Services

35  Healthcare: Eye Care

36  Healthcare: Dental Care

37  Groceries

38  Autos: Depreciation

39  Autos: Gasoline

40  Autos: Maintenance

41  Autos: Car Repairs

42  Autos: Loans

43  Autos: Used Cars

44  Autos: The Carless Lifestyle

45  Housing: Housing Costs

46  Housing: Repairs and Remodels


47  Checklist Motivators

48  The DIY Checklist Generator

49  The Power of Plastic

50  Automated Bean Counting

CONCLUSION: One Last Checklist


Appendix 1: Products Buying Checklist  [html]  [pdf]

Appendix 2: Miscellaneous Services Checklist  [html]  [pdf]

Appendix 3: Restaurants Checklist  [html]  [pdf]

Appendix 4: Appliances Checklist  [html]  [pdf]

Appendix 5: Garbage Can Checklist [html]  [pdf]

Appendix 6: Save at the Pump Checklist [html]  [pdf]


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