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Better Living Through E Unum Pluribus

Crack open your piggy bank and you’ll see something interesting. Embossed on every US coin—pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars—is the phrase e pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one.” This motto describes our nation’s unity. But let’s do something flippant. Let’s imagine that we can change around these venerated words to make them read e unum pluribus or […]

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5 Amazing FSBO Stories as Told by Real Life Home Sellers

Hundreds of websites discuss how to sell your home without a commission-based broker, a process known as For Sale by Owner or FSBO (pronounced “fizbo”). FSBO can deliver enormous savings. On a $400,000 property, a homeowner can avoid paying at least $12,000 in seller agent commissions and twice that amount if the buyer also forgoes a broker. Although […]

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Lackey Flunky Gofer Guy

If you own a home long enough, some day you’ll need a major remodel or repair. You’ll have to hire some kind of expert—a tile installer or landscaper or carpenter. You’ll be tempted to do this work yourself, but few generalists can match the quality output of an experienced specialist. So heed your inner Clint […]

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Send Your White Elephants Pachyderming

In modern usage, the term “white elephant” refers to a possession—often rare or valuable—which imposes massive financial burdens upon its hapless owner. The phrase has ancient origins. In eastern Asia, rare albino elephants were kept by monarchs as symbols of prestige and power. The animals were considered sacred and therefore exempt from work. To receive […]

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17 Reasons to Retain Paper Receipts

By ingrained habit, I collect and keep sales receipts. They dwell in an accordion file folder that has twelve compartments—one for each month. I retain every receipt because I don’t know in advance which particular one might end up being useful. In a digital age, attending to slips of paper might seem quaint. But I believe […]

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Frugal Move: College Town Hand Me Downs

Graduation day means many things to many people. For parents, it’s freedom from tuition bills. For professors, it’s time away from the classroom to pursue research and writing. For graduates, it’s an entry into the real world of grownups or the less-than-real world of grad school. For savvy locals, it’s a chance to score some […]

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